Experience of Working with Chinese Suppliers & Manufacturers for 11 years: Simon de Raadt @HyperSKU


Experience of Working with Chinese Suppliers & Manufacturers for 11 years: Simon de Raadt @HyperSKU

Simon de Raadt (西蒙) is is a vice president of Business Development in company HyperSKU. Simon is a European guy who lived in China for 11 years and worked all the time with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.

HyperSKU is a one-stop dropshipping solution that combines supply chain, shipping service and online system. HyperSKU can handle everything from sourcing the products and doing the picking & packing to fulfilling and tracking the shipments. With HyperSKU, dropshippers can source and purchase products from factories, customize products and packaging, fulfill orders with express shipping, and enjoy efficiency with an automated system.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:25 How it is like for a European guy to live in China for a long time
0:06:27 How a European can find a job in China
0:07:43 How important speaking the Chinese language is while living and working in China
0:09:01 Cultural differences between Europe and China
0:12:36 Reasons why China is still the world leader in manufacturing
0:14:55 The raising markets and growing competitors of Chinese manufactories
0:15:15 How China infrastructure became a factor in them being a world-leading manufacturing
0:17:24 Comparing culture of Chinese suppliers to Europe/US suppliers
0:19:45 Relevance of a Chinese supplier signing an agreement with you,
0:22:23 Chinese suppliers honoring the contract and standard agreements with supplier, if there’s any
0:26:29 Chinese mentality when it comes to long term relationships
0:27:45 Chinese mentality when it comes to counterfeits and why everything is being copied
0:29:29 Chinese government’s view on counterfeiting
0:34:39 How Chinese suppliers copy products
0:36:29 Does the term ‘Made in China’ still mean bad quality product
0:38:52 The impact of price difference to quality
0:41:28 Criteria in selecting a good and reliable supplier
0:43:37 How to find company details and information of Chinese suppliers
0:46:05 Payment arrangements with Chinese suppliers
0:49:18 Minimum Order Quantity and Branding with Chinese suppliers
0:51:13 Working with a Chinese trading company instead of a Chinese supplier
0:51:48 Tips on how to detect if you are buying a counterfeit or an original product
0:53:47 Reasons why some typical Chinese suppliers lie about shipping and other factors
0:54:52 What to expect on shipping from China horizon in terms of prices, timelines and other factors
0:57:35 How Chinese trading can still make profit from very cheap items they sell online
1:01:17 HyperSKU company’s background and mission to help online sellers
1:05:25 HyperSKU’s in terms of sourcing, shipping and pricing
1:07:23 HyperSKU’s role in quality control and other factors
1:09:20 How to have a HyperSKU account in terms of quantity
1:10:42 HyperSKU’s terms and condition when it comes to dropshipping
1:13:41 HyperSKU’s growth as a start-up
1:15:24 HyperSKU’s presence in Europe
1:17:00 Feeling of coming back to Europe after being in China for so long